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The topic in season 1, short summary:

In a rare bout of work anger, I was sitting at home in my office quite early, at 7 a.m. Suddenly the doorbell rang and I went to the door to see who was annoying at this time. There were about 8-10 people, police, prosecutor, criminal police and some from the city. The prosecutor introduced himself and showed me a decision to search the house, which then took place immediately. I was not very taken with it and also somewhat annoyed, with the result that I insulted the prosecutor and was not very friendly to the other parties involved. In a relatively short time they had taken everything of files and documents with them and stowed them in the specially provided VW buses, a VW Golf would have done the same. Files and documents were never particularly important to me and so I had always largely disposed of this unnecessary stuff in the "circular file folder". The public prosecutor, who was grinning all the time, despite insults on my part, then showed me a pink note (arrest warrant) and not only my documents, but also I was allowed to drive directly to the police headquarters. My wife had panicked to get a lawyer to help me there, but apart from his fee claim, this lawyer had nothing to offer. In an emergency and under time pressure, you usually get hit by such rip-offs, something like a locksmith!

The start in Don Raffo's world ("Shocking")

I was allowed to spend the night in a cell with the police and was driven to the next prison by the next morning by 2 nice police officers. So now I was in "Don Raffo's World" and after the admission procedure I immediately got into a five-man cell, in which four real crooks were just waiting for me.

So I put down my bundle (jail equipment) and sat down at the table in the middle of the room. The two "boys" who were also sitting at the table asked me if I wanted a coffee and a cigarette, which I gladly and gratefully accepted. The usual, fast scanning started, you want to know who you are dealing with. So after I knew what was doable with whom, some quick deals came about Secure coffee, cigarettes and some coal. My communication skills were very helpful here. As a result,

I quickly established contacts with all people who really helped me with many things !!!

The time and end of detention ...

Many symphaties and friendships arose during my imprisonment and so I had the chance to work in the kitchen. The first man there went out and I took over his position with the necessary harshness and demeanor (King George, the kitchen boss). Usually every new one starts with the bottom, with potato peels and such. It was different for me and everyone who had a problem with it, I made it clear relatively quickly that there are actually no problems if you know the right view, namely mine. To convey this, thank God, was given in every form. So I was really well and so the time in custody passed with many experiences and people, some of whom I loved very much. Then my trial came and I "cashed" 6 years and had to be transferred to another penitentiary because the penitentiary in which I was in custody was only allowed to hold prisoners up to 18 months in prison (end of season 1). The start in the new, big JVA (season 2), that much has already been revealed, was completely different from what I expected.

Really hardcore - Don Raffo's tour bus
You don't really want to ride here for 4-8 hours

Don Raffo's german jail tour bus

The new "heroes" drawn in marvel style coined the term "Reality Comic". They pave the way for a new, extraordinarily exciting, lively and humorous genre in the German-speaking and international comic scene. The honest and weird experiences of Don Raffo and the other likeable slit ears are captivating and fascinating. Everything is based on real experiences of the author (King George, the kitchen boss).

Issue number 1, the first season "Full Broadside", will appear towards on 2023. The issue format will be A4, with about 40 pages in colour high end Marvel Style. Available in mail order and online retail for 12,00 €,
plus shipping costs.


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