Don Raffo ist immer und überall

Now I am, George Paetsch, so author. You can find out in short how this came about here. As an economic criminal, success and greed also awakened my megalomania. Since something like this does not go well for a long time, I ended up in prison unexpectedly. Because of my interest and getting to know the people around me, Don Raffo, Big Eddy and many other "heroes" came into existence that have always existed. So far nobody had grasped or described them in their true nature. I have experienced unique and funny situations with everyone. I wrote these stories down to enrich the subject of life in prison with a different human, humorous and unique perspective.

I became "King George, the kitchen boss" during my detention in the prison kitchen. It started by watching my fellow prisoners closely and becoming aware of a lot of things. Why these people were in jail and will always be in part is relatively unimportant, considering that we all have rather nasty qualities like greed, violence, envy, jealousy, selfishness etc. When some of these wicked qualities awaken and determine action, life suddenly turns out completely differently and you end up in "Don Raffo's World" completely un-expectedly.

Once there, you start to see what opportunities there are to live well, to have privileges and to survive. Work is helpful here, it distracts and you get money for it. There is the workplace with completely stupid chord work that can even be done on the cell to achieve the chord goal. Working in the laundry isn't really great either. There are jobs that you can only hate no matter what "gets around". Good jobs such as domestic workers, chamber workers or library workers are usually filled, almost always with nasty slimes. All that remains is the kitchen, with a lot of work but also good food and a lot of privileges. So I became "King George, the kitchen boss" there. I secured this status with my appearance and the background of a pretty good shotokan karate training. Back then I told all "heroes" directly in a jail realitycomic with their 

"stage name" and all of our experiences. Everyone was very impressed by this idea, only Ralf didn't really want to be called "Don Raffo" at first. The good question may be whether I regret something, been resocialized or would do something different in my life. Well, I don't no regret anything, I've always been social and in retrospect you can't do anything else. I made all of my decisions in life based on the situation, and I couldn't or didn't

want to act otherwise. To question this would be hypocrisy and suits politicians, church officials, bankers, lobbyists and similar honks rather than me. Honk = brain without any noteworthy capacity.

The new "heroes" drawn in marvel style coined the term "Reality Comic". They pave the way for a new, extraordinarily exciting, lively and humorous genre in the German-speaking and international comic scene. The honest and weird experiences of Don Raffo and the other likeable slit ears are captivating and fascinating. Everything is based on real experiences of the author (King George, the kitchen boss).

Issue number 1, the first season "Full Broadside", will appear towards on 2023. The issue format will be A4, with about 40 pages in colour high end Marvel Style. Available in mail order and online retail for 12,00 €, plus shipping costs.


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