Don Raffo ist immer und überall

"Full broadside", told by "King George, the kitchen boss", tells the story of detention from the beginning to the end. This includes the first season, the "Don Raffo" trilogy. The whole story is about showing that "Don Raffo's" world is about people who are certainly not all criminal and completely bad guys. Almost everything is shaped by the daily struggle for survival, due to the own laws of this subculture, which very often appears like a bizarre reflection of the normal world. Similarities between occupants and servants often result in a comic situation that is unparalleled in this form. The Don Raffo trilogy is implemented as a reality comic in high-quality marvel style. Our "heroes" are vividly and uniquely displayed with their own charm, character, wit, corners, edges and experiences.

I almost always live here

In "Don Raffo's World" you sometimes get really fast. Once there, everyone with 2 - 4, more or less criminal, strange types is locked in a cell. In this community cell, the new, "nice" roommates get on your nerves pretty quickly. If you get into a single cell, it is very boring without a job. You are locked up alone for 23 hours, with only one hour of walking in the yard and boredom kills you. So you make the best of it and look for a suitable job as soon as possible, which brings some coal, has privileges and at least is a little fun.

Luckily I'm here too
some "sun" for the boys

Option one is a relatively good job and is associated with gaining as many benefits as possible.

Option two is lucrative, criminal business, this path unfortunately involves many incalculable risks.

Option three would be nothing to do and somehow struggle. But 23 hours on the cell, with only 50 bags of pocket money a month, you get bored to death.

Mixing options 1 and 2 intelligently and calculated in the right ratio is profitable and sensible, if not entirely without risk. People with some life experience and courage know that life doesn't go well without any risk.

We are working on "Full Broadside", part 1 of our trilogy!

The new "heroes" drawn in marvel style coined the term "Reality Comic". They pave the way for a new, extraordinarily exciting, lively and humorous genre in the German-speaking and international comic scene. The honest and weird experiences of Don Raffo and the other likeable slit ears are captivating and fascinating. Everything is based on real experiences of the author (King George, the kitchen boss).

Issue number 1, the first season "Full Broadside", will appear towards on 2023. The issue format will be A4, with about 40 pages in colour high end Marvel Style. Available in mail order and online retail for 12,00 €,
plus shipping costs.


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