Don Raffo ist immer und überall

Short Expose to Don Raffo, Part 2

Don Raffo is not a conventional comic, but a reality comic. By (George Paetsch) a creative person who during his "vacation at state cost".

He had the brilliant idea to write down everything about madness, nonsense and also memorable, positive and negative experiences. The whole thing will now appear in a highly appealing form, as a drawn reality comic with pictures and text, in a novel trilogy. Here, by the eternally moaning and completely good  representation of life behind bars is pretty much cleaned up. Our "heroes" don't moan, they just make the best of the situation.

With a positive attitude, fighting spirit and healthy humor, life in jail actually offers fun and joy. The wretched rags and full posts with their texts, "Every day in jail is a lost day" or "I regret all my sins - Lord forgive me", are actually a punishment if you take them seriously. Our "heroes" are certainly not "Everybodys Darling", but authentic with rough edges, fighting spirit, humor and the heart in the right place.

The new "heroes" drawn in marvel style coined the term "Reality Comic". They pave the way for a new, extraordinarily exciting, lively and humorous genre in the German-speaking and international comic scene. The honest and weird experiences of Don Raffo and the other likeable slit ears are captivating and fascinating. Everything is based on real experiences of the author (King George, the kitchen boss).

Issue number 1, the first season "Full Broadside", will appear towards on 2023. The issue format will be A4, with about 40 pages in colour high end Marvel Style. Available in mail order and online retail for 12,00 €,
plus shipping costs.


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