Don Raffo ist immer und überall

Sex in jail is a real taboo because talking about it is a little embarrassing. Almost everyone has their own ideas and fantasies. Don Raffo does away with prejudices that are anchored in many heads. As an example of this, there is the shared shower, where a "freshling" drops the soap and is "deflowered" from behind by the others when picked up. This has probably happened before, but is usually complete nonsense. The reality is a little different. Kinky porn, also called "hydraulic booklets" in technical jargon, is completely normal. The most extreme pictures from these porn, we have summarized here for you exclusively in a video. Please only look if you have really strong nerves (not for adults).

Hier gibt's keine Langweiler :-)))

Die Jung's hier sind die Geilsten :-)))

The taboo topic "Sex in prison" belongs to Don Raffo, with interesting, funny stories. Imagination and thoughts are free even when people are locked up, unless you have the "prison" in your head.

The new "heroes" drawn in marvel style coined the term "Reality Comic". They pave the way for a new, extraordinarily exciting, lively and humorous genre in the German-speaking and international comic scene. The honest and weird experiences of Don Raffo and the other likeable slit ears are captivating and fascinating. Everything is based on real experiences of the author (King George, the kitchen boss).

Issue number 1, the first season "Full Broadside", will appear towards on 2022. The issue format will be A4, with about 40 pages in colour high end Marvel Style. Available in book trade, mail order and online retail for 9.95 euro.


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