Don Raffo ist immer und überall

Our profiles explain, why we are where we are ...

Don Raffo, Houseworker Station B 3

As a good, self-employed scaffolding builder and family man, I'm definitely wrongly imprisoned. Scaffolding is expensive, but it becomes cheap if I quietly "buy" it somewhere at night. I have always paid my Polish workers only the good maximum wages in cash, without any "unnecessary" deductions. I didn't even want to sponsor the tax office, why use a lard on a full fat pig? As the 1st domestic worker in jail I can rip off all the idiots here really nicely in addition to my job. Bodyindex: Well-trained, 1.80 tall, blonde hair color, 82 kg action weight.

King George, the "kitchen boss"

The prison was always far away for me. In the fast lane with money and success, I have ruthlessly ripped off almost anyone who was stupid or naive than I was. Everything went well for a long time, but then the disaster took its course and I ended up in jail. Somehow I had to go through it and decided to make the best of it, which I did quite well in the jail kitchen. Everyone who was dear to my heart during this time really helped me, thank you guys. Bodyindex: Well-trained, 1.83 tall, brunette hair color, 86 kg fighting weight.

Big Eddy, Houseworker Station A 3

I am rarely free! That comes from my drug trafficking and consumption. In jail I find the last dop as a "super nose". Most of the guys here are rarely stupid and some get upset when I belch and fart or "examine" something that belongs to them. I know "King George" from "outside" and he always helps me when there are problems. I can fully rely on him, he is my best friend here. Bodyindex: slim, 1.72 tall, black hair color, 62 kg barrel weight.

Rainer, house worker, station B 1

I whistle in everything that just pops somehow. I'm almost always "tight" and unfortunately something falls down every now and then when I distribute the food. But in fact, I can do ten good pushups on just one thumb, right and left. I bet King George that I could do it and I won five packets of tobacco. Hence my nickname is "Mister Goldfinger". I always know where there are drugs in jail, no matter what. Bodyindex: Slim, 1.60 tall, a little blonde hair, always a bit off the "trace", approx. 55 kilos trance weight.

Udo, also called Naziudo

I am proud of my attitude and stand by my tattoos. Germany has to stay German and what doesn't fit in has to go out. The stupid state criminals put me in jail for sedition and just because I beat up "a few" shitty oil eyes and gays. King George is my buddy, he also likes blonde, blue eyed women and really gets along well with me. Somehow he's a Nazi too, I think.
Bodyindex: 1.85 tall, quite a "chunk", evil look,  85 kilos Holigan weight.

Benno, indigenous people in jail

There is hardly a jail that I haven't been to before.
The world is small and you meet again and again. Today I got George, old Paetsch's son, as a "roommate". He's even worse than his age, so I have to be really careful and don't shit him. We're almost related, after all, I married Marlene (hot Girl), the waitress from old Paetsch's bar back then. Bodyindex: 1.75 tall, old hunk, knows everything that's going on in jail, devious look, about 85 kilos jail weight.

Andy, house worker helper station A3

Everyone calls me "water buffalo", because I distribute water, tea or the jail coffee when the food is served. I was always a very good pickpocket, and now and then I stole handbags or was a really cool burglar. Unfortunately, something prevented my "success". Since I almost always have something to "smoke", the big "boys" like King George often like to invite me to "hook up". Bodyindex: 1.62 tall, wiry figure, approx. 55 kilos steal weight.

Franky, the hammer killer

My name is really Frank Hammer, I'm the so-called hammer killer. After a binge drinking in a bar, I went to his house with a guy like that to have a little nightcap. Suddenly the guy wanted me to do the "laundry" in a rather massive and brutal way. Somehow I suddenly had a hammer in my hand and the guy had a hole in his head. Now I'm waiting for my trial in custody. I just hate these gays. Bodyindex: Strong, about 1.92 tall, 25 years old, about 95 kilos of hammer weight.

Heiko, the biter (kitchen crew)

"Life" caught me cold, but I shared everything I "organized" with my many homeless friends. Now I'm in jail and glad to be able to work here in the kitchen. I'm not allowed to steal and sell the stuff here. That gives trouble with "King George". I always bring something good to eat to my friend "El Walzo", who everyone knows here as an old bum. If he knows, "King George" allows a bit of "trade". Bodyindex: very thin, 1.89 tall, dark hair color, 65 kilos lightweight.

Shorty, the "Biggest" (Kitchen Crew)

I actually wanted to be a singer once, but my money worries got me off the rails. Stealing and buying without paying doesn't always work and I ended up in jail. Now I work in the kitchen and actually I like it quite well. My boss here and the very best buddy "King George" always tells me exactly what I have to do. Only I am not allowed to sing in his presence, after all I want to grow a few years older. Bodyindex: plump, 1.55 tall, brunette hair color, 84 kg fat weight.

Mr. Roll, 2nd kitchen chief

I love my job, am well looked after as an official and also run a small tent rental. As a second chef, I can't really cook, but I'm working on it. Baking is something else, because I am good at it and my "kitchen boys" love my cakes. Unfortunately, I'm divorced, but luckily there are really horny colleagues here. For the girls I'm a real "sexer" in the lottery. Bodyindex: No six-pack special barrel, 1.75 tall, red hair color, 90 kg roll weight.

Mrs. Käpper, station darling

Well, as a trained florist, how do I get the job of a "law enforcement officer"? When I lost my job, I had to find something to save my life. Through a friend I came to apply for a position in a correctional facility and was accepted. Unfortunately, almost all of my colleagues are somewhat bourgeois and boring. Of the "Bad Boys" are some real eye-catchers and very interesting types. It's really fun to work in the correctional facility. Bodyindex: great womanly body, very slim, hair color blond, 1.73 tall, 53 kg dream weight.

The new "heroes" drawn in marvel style coined the term "Reality Comic". They pave the way for a new, extraordinarily exciting, lively and humorous genre in the German-speaking and international comic scene. The honest and weird experiences of Don Raffo and the other likeable slit ears are captivating and fascinating. Everything is based on real experiences of the author (King George, the kitchen boss).

Issue number 1, the first season "Full Broadside", will appear towards on 2022. The issue format will be A4, with about 40 pages in colour high end Marvel Style. Available in book trade, mail order and online retail for 9.95 euro.


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